Wheelchairs for Kids Rotary Initiative

In September 2011 the Directors of JHY Realty pledged that with every property sold they would donate a wheelchair to children incapacitated (often through war & strife) in under developed countries.  Awarded Paul Harris Fellowships from Rotary for their continued support, Lee, Andrew & Eloise are proud to aid the Rotary Initiative which ensures mobility & independence for children maimed in warzones & other conflict areas or who suffer debilitating physical handicaps.

Raising a child with a disability presents a significant burden for a carer, usually the mother.  The endemic poverty is compounded because the carer is also housebound & possibly unable to earn income.  In many cases a child intellectually capable of attending mainstream school is denied the opportunity because of the absence of a wheelchair.  The gift of a wheelchair gives twice. It not only presents the child with freedom & mobility but also frees the carer to work & contribute to the family’s income.

For further information about this Rotary Initiative please visit their website: https://wheelchairsforkids.org/